Sick of trying to find a parking spot every night?



MyMove helps you build an exclusive residential fleet with the ideal mix of green cars, bikes, scooters and steps. Cohabitants then use whichever transportation mode suits them best.

Having multiple cars in a household is becoming an outdated concept in today’s social and urban landscape. On top, it's also a parking nightmare. What if every residential complex would have its own fleet to be shared exclusively by its cohabitants?

The MyMove app makes it easy to locate, select and unlock vehicles. The experience is seamless as payment is done directly within the app.

MyMove aims to provide an alternative mobility solution that provide the most flexibility to its users. Let them choose between cars, bikes, public transport and other solutions every day, according to their needs – with zero hassle for them.


  • Asset usage optimization
  • Improved customer experience
  • Green mobility
  • Ease and certainty of parking
  • Financially lighter

Frequently asked questions:
How do you make sure that vehicles are always available?

MyMove is a closed ecosystem. Only the closed community members can book and use the vehicle. The Administrator of the fleet can always add or remove members and track their usage.

What kind of vehicles are included?

MyMove can offer 5 different types of vehicles : cars, e-scooters, e-bikes, cargo-bikes and e-steps.

How do I get the keys to the vehicle?

MyMove is fully digital : no more physical keys to exchange or lose. Every MyMove user gets a digital key that allows him or her to lock and unlock the vehicles.