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How does MyMove work?

Fleet as a Service - Mobility of the future

Having your own car is becoming an outdated concept in today’s urban landscape. It's time to start seeing your vehicle as service.

The vehicle you need.
When you need it.

The MyMove app makes it easy to locate, book and unlock vehicles.

Want your company to implement the mobility budget, your residential building to solve the parking nightmare, to plan your mobility starting from your hotel's doors, or just share a few vehicles within a closed group of users (family only)?

MyMove aims to offer an alternative mobility solution that provides the most flexibility to its users. Let them choose between cars, bikes, public transport and other solutions every day, according to their needs – with zero hassle for them.

Check out the use cases above, and reach out for our help on your own!


Sunny on Monday? Take the train to work, then cycle home in the evening on an e-bike!

putting groceries in your car

Cloudy on Tuesday and need to go shopping? Cycle to work, then take an electric family car to get your groceries and pick up your child on the way home!


... You get the flow :-)

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One application to manage & book all vehicles

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Choose from a fleet of different vehicles, and select the one that best suits your needs.


Plan your your trips well in advance and don't get surprised last minute! You deserve full flexibility.

Drive & ride

Unlock and lock your vehicle as many times as you want during your booking. Drive & ride as if it was yours!

View history

Get a full view of your bookings history and your mobility patterns.

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